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Tokay wine from Hungary was awarded the title Champion of GRAND PRIX VINEX 2015. The Czech National Winner comes from the winery Winberg Mikulov.

Tokay wine from Hungary was awarded the title Champion of GRAND PRIX VINEX 2015. The Czech National Winner comes from the winery Winberg Mikulov.

On 28th and 29th April 2015 the specialist judging of the 22nd annual of the international wine competition GRAND PRIX VINEX took place at the National Wine Centre in Valtice. This evaluation by leading world wine tasters delivered a Champion, category winners and a raft of other awards for these exceptional wines. Gold and silver medals were awarded in accordance with the number of points attained by the best wines, while ten of the wines even won grand gold medals. The public will have the opportunity to sample not only these prize-winning wines in the Brno Exhibition Centre on 23rd and 24th May 2015.

The first unofficial results were announced during the press briefing at the conclusion of the judging:
• Winner in category A1 (dry white wines): Veltlínské zelené, late harvest, 2013, Víno Mikulov s.r.o., Mikulov (Czech Republic)
• Winner in category A2 (semi-dry white wines): Cabernet Blanc 2014, Weingut Anselmann (Germany)
• Winner in category A3 (semi-sweet white wines): Rulandské bílé, late harvest 2013, WINBERG Mikulov, s.r.o. (Czech Republic) This wine is also the National Winner of the Czech Republic, e.g. the best assessed wine from the Czech Republic participating in the competition.
• Winner in category B2 (rosé and other wines): Merlot Rosé 2013, Víno Rovenius s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
• Winner in category C1 (dry red wines) – 1865 Single Vineyards Carmenére, 2012 (Chile), imported by Adveal s.r.o.
CHAMPION and Category Winner D (natural sweet wines): Késöi Arany 2013, Tokaj Kereskedöház Zrt (Hungary)
• Winner in category F (sparkling wines): Louis Girardot brut 2010, BOHEMIA SEKT, s.r.o., Starý Plzenec (Czech Republic)

The complete official competition results, including all the medals and other prizes awarded (e.g. the national winners for the highest-rated wines from individual countries, the best overall collections etc.) will be published in the official competition catalogue which will be made available on the day of the public presentation of the best competing wines that takes place on 23rd and 24th May 2015 in Pavillion B of the Brno Exhibition Centre.

The competition attracted 502 wines coming from 13 wine-producing nations from across the globe. Naturally the largest number of wines came from the Czech Republic (419 wines), this was followed by neighbouring Austria (21) just ahead of Hungary (18). Present too were wines from Slovak Republic, Moldova, Argentina, Chile, Poland and other countries.

About the competition

GRAND PRIX VINEX is a prestigious international wine competition whose aim is to assess wines at the highest professional level and to award the best European and world wines that have a presence on the central-European markets. The 2015 edition was the 22nd.
The contest is organised by the National Wine Centre, o.p.s. in conjunction with the BVV Traid Fairs Brno and the Czech Grape and Wine Producers Association. The competition came under the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, Ing. Marian Jurečka, Regional county president of the South Moravian region, JUDr. Michal Hašek, and the Mayor of the City of Brno, Ing. Petr Vokřál. The organisation of the competition was supported by the Wine Fund and the competition partners: THERMOTECHNIKA BOHEMIA, spol. s r.o., Carlsbad Mineral Water - Karlovarské minerální vody, a.s. and the Wine school Valtice.
Wines were evaluated by international committees composed of the most renowned tasters in the chateau of Valtice. The wine judging was undertaken with the use of the computer system especially developed by the National Wine Centre for the purpose of wine evaluation.

Prestigious awards and medals

Wines in the competition underwent the strictest appraisal ensuring only the very best could receive medals. Only silver, gold and great gold medals were awarded whilst, concurrently, the number of points required to gain an award is set somewhat higher than at the majority of domestic events thus corresponding to international practice – silver medal minimum 84 points, gold medal minimum 87 points, grand gold medal minimum 90 points. This is a guarantee of the prestige in receiving a medal.
The competition's principal awards are "Champion", followed by the winners in the individual categories, the highest marked collection of wines and the national winners by countries that have entered a minimum of 10 wines. The producers of these wines receive a prestigious prize in the form of a crystal-glass cup made by world-famous artist Bořek Šípek while, in addition, the Champion receives a temperature-controlled wine cabinet from the competition's partner, the company THERMOTECHNIKA BOHEMIA.

The tasters

Only the most renowned local and world wine tasters are invited to taste on the committees. These are seated at so-called "round tables", thus permitting a discussion to unfurl should the need arise. In this manner a thoroughly professional evaluation of the wines is guaranteed.

Public presentation of the competition wines

Wines from the international wine competition GRAND PRIX VINEX will be presented to the general public on 23rd and 24th May 2015 in Pavillion B of the Brno Exhibition Centre as part of the international fair MINERÁLY BRNO. All wines in receipt of a minimum of 80 points will be available for tasting. The official announcement of the results as well as handing out of the main awards will take place here. This will be followed by a gala evening accompanied by a full programme of folk music and an entire weekend of presentations of food products.

Official website of the competition: www.grand-prix-vinex.cz

Contacts for media
• Ing. Pavel Krška, director, Národní vinařské centrum, o.p.s.
tel. 721 414 575, e-mail: pavel.krska@vinarskecentrum.cz
• Ing. Šárka Nádvorníková, project manager, Národní vinařské centrum, o.p.s.
tel. 602 769 743, e-mail: sarka.nadvornikova@vinarskecentrum.cz