International wine competition & public tasting of awarded wines


GRAND PRIX VINEX 2020 – invitation of participation for applicants
16. 4. 2020

We hereby invite all the winemakers, importers and distributors of wines to enter wines to [...]

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6. 6. 2019

The first year of the new quarter century of the competition has already gone, we [...]

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9. 5. 2019

The wine tasting is over, Champion, Category and National Winners are known and medals are [...]

Timeline of the competition and public tasting

Deadline for on-line application at



22 May, 2020

Delivery of samples to National Wine Centre, Valtice, CZ




26-27 May, 2020

Evaluation of samples by expert commision, National Wine Centre, Valtice, CZ






8-9 June, 2020

Public wine tasting and award ceremony, Brno Exhibition Centre, Brno, CZ










27-28 June, 2020 - CANCELLED!!! (due to the current situation and conditions for public events determined by the Government of the Czech Republic)


Under the auspices

They said about us

I take time to participate at the Grand Prix Vinex since it is a very well organized wine competition which gives me the possibility to meet colleagues from our neighboring countries and to exchanges experiences and opinions. Furthermore it gives me the opportunity to objectively compare the quality of wines from Czech Republic and Austria. Also I like the interesting visiting program after the tasting because I can learn much about wine business in Czech Republic and observe how it developed well during the last years.

HR Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Reinhard Eder
Head of Federal College and Research Institute for Viticulture and Pomology Klosterneuburg, wine taster, Austria

I always look forward to participating in the judging process at Grand Prix Vinex.  As an expatriate living for some 13 years in the Czech Republic after moving here from Australia, I welcome the chance to evaluate classes of wine where some of the best Czech and international samples are present side-by-side.  I believe it is enormously beneficial for the Czech wine industry and its memebers to regularly be exposed to a range of different wine styles and to see how local wines stack up against classic and innovative wine styles from around the world.  I believe it is thanks to competitions like these that Czech wine producers get to see where their wines are positioned in the world.  The good news is that never before in history has the quality of Czech wine been so good.  They are truly world class, a fact that is confirmed again and again thanks to Grand Prix Vinex.

Mike Mazey
wine taster, wine English teacher, Australia

Grand Prix Vinex is really one of my favorite wine competitions for many reasons. First, it is organized in a highly professional manner, the evaluation software works smoothly, the judges are all experts with serious experience. Second, I have the chance to taste plenty of Czech wines, which show outstanding quality and constant development from year to year. There are a lot of unique varieties, and terroir wines with character. Finally, Moravia is simply beautiful, it is a pleasure to return every time!

Gábor Antal
PR and Communication of Hungarian Vini- and Viticulture Nonprofit Ltd., wine-taster, Hungary

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