The first year of the new quarter century of the competition has already gone, we have known and rewarded its winners and the best wines were introduced at the wine tasting in Brno. We would like to thank all those involved in the preparation and realization of this year: producers or distributors of registered wines, sponsors, wine tasters, organizing team and others who contributed to its successful course.

Before we start preparing another year, we still offer even a small look behind to this year. You can find pictorial memories from wine tasting on Facebook, from the public wine tasting and award ceremony on Facebook too, both in the Photo Gallery, an overview of the main awards winners you can find in the Results section and possibly also in the competition catalogue there.

We believe you were satisfied with this year competition and we look forward to seeing you at the 27th year, at GRAND PRIX VINEX 2020! You can book the date 23-24. 5. 2020 for the public wine tasting in Brno.