The wine tasting is over, Champion, Category and National Winners are known and medals are awarded. We congratulate winemakers and other applicants, whose wines succeed in the competition, and submit an offer of adhesive stickers stating the award and the competition for labelling of bottles.

The adhesive stickers can be ordered by order form (see below) sent to e-mail

Price: 56 EUR / 1000 pcs (plus VAT and shipment)

The stickers will be packaged in rolls of 500 or 1000 pieces. Maximum of ordered medals must correspond with batch sizes in the application to the competition.
Note: The above price is valid for orders till 10th May 2021 (joint order for all applicants).

More information: Šárka Nádvorníková, tel. +420 602 769 743, e-mail:

A list of award-winning wines and wines rated at minimum 80 points is attached.
Legend of the list: SM = Silver Medal, GM = Gold Medal, GGM = Grand Gold Medal, CH – Champion, CW – Category Winner, NW – National Winner, SV – Trophy of the Czech Grape and Wine Producers Association.

Order form medals GPV 2021

Sample list according to categories and points – from 80

Sample list according to the country of origin of the wine and applicant – from 80


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